When Pete’s friend is shot and killed while jet skiing, a firestorm of suspicion and tension roils the quiet lake community. It’s personal for Pete, too, because his teenage daughter was only ten feet away when it happened. Then Pete discovers that the dead man not only had been leading a double life, but he’d also been forging his signature on documents. All bets are off as Pete’s forced to investigate on his own. In the days that follow, he finds himself crossing the line at times as he unravels a tangle of deep-seated grudges and ruined lives and finally exposes the stunning and bizarre truth.

“A winning series…”

ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“As usual, Wangard tells his story without falling back into genre clichés or hyperbole. His crisp, economy of language keeps the pace moving relentlessly forward, yet he never skimps on relevant detail or engaging description. This is a sure-handed writer practicing his craft in a rock-solid series. Don’t worry. If you choose this particular Pete Thorsen tale, there’s no way you’ll be the Victim.”

Pacific Book Review (Starred Review)

Pacific Book Review