When Pete Thorsen comes to the lake for his August vacation, his only thought is to escape the Chicago rat race. Listen to his oldies, play some one-on-one basketball with a friend, renew old acquaintances.

All that changes when he meets the mysterious Cara Lane and she turns up dead the next day. Suddenly Pete’s forced to investigate the woman’s death to fend off an aggressive young deputy who eyes him as a suspect. Then his archrival at their law firm inexplicably learns of the incident and tries to oust him from his position. To cap things off, he’s run off the road one dark night and left for dead.

Battered and virtually alone in his belief that Cara Lane was murdered – only the deputy, who still has him in his gun sights, seems to feel the same way – Pete fights on, doggedly pursuing the truth. It all comes to a head one night when he finds his own life on the line and uncovers a stunning web of intrigue where old wounds still fester and an insatiable thirst for vengeance lurks just out of sight.

“TARGET is a terrific debut novel by a writer to watch.”

ForeWord Clarion Review

“Wangard’s novel moves along — twisting and turning — at a brisk pace. And his well-drawn detective has enough personality to make readers excited for the next installment.”

Publishers Weekly Select

“TARGET is fast, fun and daring in its ability to turn bullets into warheads. Its engrossing storyline and friendly lead character will plant you in your seat from the first page to the last.”