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The Lake
When HARD WATER BLUES was published, the author (with Pete’s
blessing) finally confessed that Clear Lake in TARGET is really Crystal
Lake. So if you now see references to Crystal Lake in Bob’s mystery thrillers set in northwest Michigan, rest assured it’s not a typographical error.

Pete’s a mainstay of the community now that he’s semi-retired from
his law practice in Chicago and spends most of his time in the area.
That’s unfortunate for the villains who occasionally turn up in the quiet
community because Pete has a sense of right and wrong that’s a mile

The fabulous photographs featured on this website are the product
of Walk Softly Photos and its owner, Jay Burt. Go to to see more of Jay’s work.

Scandinavian Heritage
Pete spent the first part of his life running away from his heritage. Now he embraces it with the same passion he brings to his pursuit of bad guys. He fights to save the Viking longboat that was sailed from Norway to Chicago for the 1893 Colombian Exhibition, drinks Thor’s Hammer vodka, recites the names of the old Norwegian kings while swimming and researches the exploits of one of his ancestors who fought in the Civil War. And he set more than a few tongues wagging when army surplus targets suddenly appeared in his backyard. He started using his replica 10th century Viking longbow to drill his least-favorite law partner and other adversaries. To learn more about the bows used by the Vikings, go to, click on “Viking Age History” at the bottom of the page, scroll down to “Martial Arts” and click on “bow.”