The brutal murder of a prominent real estate developer stuns the lake
community and sets faction against faction. Pete Thorsen stays out of it;
he’s still nursing emotional wounds from a case a year earlier. Then the
victim’s widow asks him to help sort out her late husband’s financial
affairs. He reluctantly agrees, believing the strict ground rules he’s set will
keep him out of the fray. But in a shadowy world of dirty money, sinister
motives and festering grudges, nothing is certain. Bad things begin to
happen to him, and Pete is enraged when his teenage stepdaughter is
used as a pawn in the deadly game. He relentlessly strips away the layers
of deceit and finally discovers the shocking truth … and in the process,
must confront his own demons.

“MALICE is an impressive second novel
from a very talented and prolific writer.”

ForeWord Clarion Reviews

A plot that will “keep [readers] turning
the pages.”

Publishers Weekly Select

“Wangard has done the remarkable in creating a lawyer one can actually like . . . excellent
. . . a great summer read!”

“ . . . a harrowing ride with intriguing plot twists
and memorable characters.”

Norwegian American Weekly